Monday, 23 July 2007



Full time M.Sc. by research

Astrophysics – Exoplanet Search by Grid Computing

Industry has highlighted a need for skilled postgraduates in ICT in general and in high-end computing in particular. One area of key importance is data-mining and analysis of large-scale datasets and currently at the forefront of this is astronomy. The ITTD Scientific Computing Group has chosen a research problem that encapsulates this - the search for planets around other stars (exoplanets). In cooperation with CIT, a sophisticated analysis technique will be applied to large catalogues containing hundreds of millions of star references to select the best candidates from which to search for exoplanets. A problem that would strain conventional computing, ITTD will apply parallel-programming techniques within a Grid-computing environment (A Grid is a portal to globally shared computer networks ‘on demand’) to solve this. The outcomes of this project include a published catalogue, an innovative web-based software suite for the astronomical community and metrics and software methodologies to make the software consistent with large-scale data-mining in general. It will include training for a postgraduate student in high-end computing, the software-development cycle, and project development and management.

Profile of suitable candidate
• An honours degree (2.2 or higher) in physics, engineering, or mathematical disciplines.
• Knowledge of and experience with computer programming.
• Knowledge of or interest in astrophysics would be preferable.
• Given the strong multidisciplinary approach, the candidate must have a strong motivation to learn skills in new fields and be willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment.
• Possess good oral and communication skills.

Project Schedule
The project will start on or before September 19th , 2007, for duration of 24 months.

The project is funded by ITT Dublin and the successful candidate will receive a grant of €1000 per month.

Application Process
Send an expression of interest and your Curriculum Vitae by 5.00pm, Friday August 24th 2007 to:

Dr. Eugene Hickey,
Department of Applied Science,
Tel: +353-1-404 2820
Kevin Nolan,
Department of Applied Science,
Tel: +353- 87 238 6141

ITT Dublin, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland.


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