Thursday, 5 July 2007

IAA Greencastle Event

This was a great success, in spite of the dodgy weather. Members & visitors were treated to an excellent show in the Planetarium in the Maritime Museum, followed by some demonstration rocket launches. Then the rain came, so we went back into the planetarium for one of Ash's speciality live laser shows, set to Irish music. This was brilliant - you have to see it to believe it! It's almost impossible to believe that it's not being done by some very advanced computer trickery, concocted in the 'Dreamworks' Lab in the USA!
We then all adjourned to Ash's house nearby, where the BBQ was soon fired up in his garage, and he even provided a couple of staff from the Maritime Museum to do the cooking (sorry, I can't remember their names). This time, for some reason, nothing was burnt!
Many thanks to the director, Ash McFadden, for all his trouble, commitment, & hospitality - it was a great day, and much appreciated.

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