Wednesday, 5 December 2001

Binocular/Beginners Observing Night

Hi all, Just a reminder of our observing night on Saturday 8 December at the Lower Car Park of the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra, Co Down. If it's clear!

This is 'nominally' for beginners or near-beginners, but all are welcome. We'll have a selection of telescopes and binoculars, and we'll cater for everyone from those who want to be able to find the Plough to those looking for Deep Sky Objects (allowing for the light pollution) or the fainter satellites of Saturn.

We officially start at 7.30 p.m., but if you are bringing a telescope to set up, aim to be there a bit earlier. If you are there at 6.55 you'll see the ISS passing over!If clear it will be cold, so wrap up well from head to toe! Bring any binoculars or portable telescopes you may have.

The arrangement is that if it is clear we go; if it's totally cloudy we don't, and if it is somewhere in between ring one of the following numbers to find out what's happening.

I'll also send out another email late on Saturday afternoon to give an update, but if you can't access it, ring a number below:Stephanie Clegg: 9188 3424
John Hall: 9084 3109
Andy McCrea: 9127 3584
Me: 9058 7658, or 9083 5392,
or mobiles: 07979 541622 or 07979 300842

Hope to see you there - and visitors are welcome too!