Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Frank Ryan images ISS + STS.

Frank used his scope & ccd cam to see if h could get a shot of Atlantis joining up with the International Space Station as they install new sections. He wrote: "I was expecting maybe to get a blob of light...
something of an odd shape to denote that it wasn't a star... but holy cow I got more than I bargained for! Bearing in mind now these two are only a few hundred feet wide between 300-400 K high, orbiting at 27,700KPH!
In the photo you can see the solar panels of the station, the shuttle was facing face on so you can see the familiar outline and even the tail fin, but also the robotic arm is unfurled and there is something to the bottom right of Atlantis which may be the new module...
Its up at the moment on this site.. ". Frank Ryan JR, Shannonside Astronomy Club.
Well done Frank - an excellent achievement


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