Friday, 8 June 2007

Four ISS passes

You have a very rare chance to see FOUR passes of the ISS tonight! Thanks to the shallow angle with which the Sun dips below the N horizon at this time of year, the ISS will be illuminated during 4 successive passes tonight - something I've never seen before! The following details are for Belfast, but should apply to most of the NE corner of the island (you can get details for your own location at
5 June: starts 22h 55m 34s in the SSW, greatest alt = 18 deg at 22h 57m 37s in the SSE
6 June: starts 00h 29m 24s in the WSW, greatest alt = 41 deg at 00h 32m 12s in the SSE
6 June: starts 02h 04m 07s in the W, greatest alt = 38 deg at 02h 06m 51s in the S
6 June: starts 03h 39m 26s in the WSW, greatest alt = 16 deg at 03h 41m 19s in the SSW
You can also see 3 successive passes on the nights of 6/7 June and 7/8 June.

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