Friday, 9 March 2012

Another aurora chance?

Hi all,
The best of the aurorae from the last CME weren't visible from Ireland - partly due to bad weather, partly due to the CME not being as energetic as had been thought, partly due to the magnetic polarity of the CME, and partly due to the time it arrived at Earth, which was during Irish daylight.
But there were some spectacular views from elsewhere in the world - see for example:
However, there have been more CMEs, and so there is another chance tonight, although once again the weather forecast is not good.
But keep an eye on the sky anyway, and if you do have some clear sky, have a look. Same guidelines apply as in my last alert.
There will be a short break of about half an hour or so between the end of twilight and the rise of the still bright Moon (just past Full), so that would be the best time to see anything.
Good luck, and let me know if you see anything.
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Clear skies,
Terry Moseley

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