Saturday, 15 September 2007



Because of huge increases in room hire costs being imposed by Stranmillis College, we will be holding our future meetings in the BELL LECTURE THEATRE, PHYSICS BUILDING, MAIN CAMPUS, QUB, UNIVERSITY ROAD, BELFAST. Many thanks to Prof Stephen Smartt for facilitating a very good deal for us.

Starting with the opening meeting on Wed 19 September, at 7.30 p.m. SHARP, by Prof Tom Ray of DIAS, entitled "The Birth of Stars and Planets: Do we really know how the Solar System Formed?" Prof Ray is one of the leading researchers in this field, with an experiment approved and in preparation for the James Webb Space Telescope (successor to the HST). He is also one of the most accessible and popular speakers on astronomy in Ireland, and this lecture is one definitely not to be missed!

NB: ENTRANCE TO PHYSICS BUILDING: The entrance is at the door at the foot of the spiral staircase in the Physics Building, which is "No 5" on the QUB map on their website: see Or go directly to the QUB website map, it's building number 5 (just opposite "1b")
On, the entrance to the building is at:
On Google Earth, or, the entrance to the building is at: N 54 deg 35' 2.0"; W 5 deg 56' 4.4".
It's just opposite the opening in the South Wing of the main QUB building. That lies just to the left of the circled number 5 indicating that building.
That door is normally locked, but we will have someone on duty there from 7.10 p.m. to 7.30 (or 7.35 p.m. if we are feeling generous) to admit you. If you are late - tough luck: you won't get in!
PARKING: There is free parking within the main campus after about 5 p.m., but there will be other events on too, so you'll have to compete for parking spots. The entrance is from UNIVERSITY SQUARE, which is one-way only, in the direction from University Road towards Botanic Avenue/College Park. The barrier will be up, so just drive in, across in front of the main building, then turn left at the end of the front facade of that building.
The Physics building id the large 3 story modern(ish) building now on you right. The entrance is down the slight hill, on your right.
Park anywhere in this vicinity if you can; otherwise just find a space where you can: anywhere not 'prohibited' is OK, as long as you don't block anyone else. You can also park free on University Square if you wish.
There is also an entrance from the far end of University Avenue / College Park - that will bring you in to the East of the main building, so use the map to locate the physics building.
REFRESHMENTS will be provided free of charge, as usual, after the lecture, and to encourage you to come we'll have some extra treats!
EXITING: The vehicle exit from the campus is from the gate directly onto University Road, beside the Whitla Hall ('7' on the map): there is an automatic barrier there which will lift as the car approaches it - go slowly until it lifts! NB, this is one-way only - No entry by this route!
Let's see plenty of you there for this new phase in the IAA's history.

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